France’s triumphant ‘Joan of Arc’ vows to bring back franc and destroy euro

Marine Le Pen is spoiling for a fight. The leader of France’s Front National vows to smash the existing order of Europe and force the break-up of monetary union, if she wins the next election.

It is no longer an implausible prospect. “We cannot be seduced,” she said, brimming with confidence after her party secured 46pc of the vote in a by-election earthquake a week ago. Her candidate trounced the ruling Socialists in their own bastion of Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

“The euro ceases to exist the moment that France leaves, and that is our incredible strength. What are they going to do, send in tanks?” she told the Daily Telegraph at the Front National’s headquarters, an unmarked building tucked away in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. Her office is small and workaday, almost austere.

“Europe is just a great bluff. One side there is the immense power of sovereign peoples, and on the other side are a few technocrats,” she said.

For the first time, the Front National is running level with the two governing parties of post-War France, Socialists and Gaullistes. All are near 21pc in national polls, though the Front alone has the wind in its sails.

I just watched her being interviewed on RT.

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An MP who wants what’s best for their country…Unheard of till now, If the French don’t vote her in their country will be finished….with the rest of us.

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French far-right leader Marine Le Pen believes her National Front party is going to come to power later in the decade and vows to overcome the burden of EU unity. Immigration, economic problems, the military, and gay rights all shape her agenda.

We are hunted down in all circumstances because we express an opinion that is different from the one-way track of thinking developed by the European Union,” Le Pen said on RT’s SophieCo, believing the institution itself to be deeply undemocratic, and noting a surge in the popularity of patriotic parties across the disillusioned continent.

Le Pen heads up the National Front, France’s third-largest party, and has been making concerted efforts to grab France back from European unity which she argued has not done the country any favors.

‘Undemocratic EU’

All peoples are starting to reject the European Union, which is a deeply undemocratic system that has failed,” she said. “We submit to the demands of Germany,” she stated, shedding light on her trajectory as party leader.

I’m not here as a bystander, I’m here to come into power and apply the ideas that are mine and that I can see are already being applied in other countries around the world,” she said.


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