Germans now the MINORITY in Frankfurt: More than half of residents in the city have a migrant background, official figures show
Data shows more than half of Frankfurt citizens come from non-native origin
Turkish immigrants were the largest minority, with 13 per cent of population
New report also highlights disparages between migrants and native Germans
Immigrants are more likely to be unemployed and live below the poverty line

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More than half of residents living in the German city of Frankfurt have a migrant background, according to new statistics.
Figures show 51.2 per cent of people living there are either non-German, German citizens born abroad or Germans who are the children of immigrants.
The city’s secretary of integration Sylvia Weber said: ‘We have minorities with relatively large numbers in Frankfurt but no group with a clear majority.’
Turkish migrants are the largest non-German minority that are settled in Frankfurt, accounting for 13 per cent of the population.
A further 61 per cent of residents who were born abroad have come from other countries within the European Union.


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