Frenchmen arrested with 100 kilo explosives, many detonators, 3 grenade launchers and kalashnikovs… preparing attack on Euro Football in France… Yesterday: Germany arrests three Syrians suspected of attack plot in Duesseldorf

Employees of the state border service in late may detained at the Ukrainian-Polish border 25-year-old citizen of France, who was transporting in a vehicle weapons and explosives, including three grenade launchers, more than 100 kilograms of explosives, hundreds of detonators, several Kalashnikov rifles. This is reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the press service of the gpsu.

Possibly Paris will asks his extradition.

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Germany arrests three Syrians suspected of attack plot in Duesseldorf

According to the suspects’ plan, two attackers were to detonate suicide vests while the others were to kill passersby with guns and explosives in the western city of Duesseldorf, prosecutors said in a statement.

Euro-2016 the target? French national ‘with explosives & AK-47s’ detained on Ukrainian border

A French citizen has been detained at the Polish-Ukrainian border with an arsenal of weapons, media reported. The man may be involved in a plot to attack the Euro 2016 championships.

The man had in his vehicle 100 kg of explosives, fuses, three grenade launchers and several Kalashnikov assault rifles, M6 TV channel said. He was trying to smuggle the stockpile into France, the report said.