Friday Blizzard to Bury New England… Threatens 2 feet of snow… Could Rival Biggest Ever For Boston…

Two storms will merge quickly enough to bring colder air, heavy snow and increasing wind to New England. Some areas will be hit with an all-out blizzard and a couple of feet of snow.


The worst of the storm will hit late Friday and Friday night and will wind down Saturday morning. However, lingering effects from blowing and drifting snow, blocked roads and other travel delays are likely to linger into much of the weekend.


There’s just something about February when it comes to winter storms.

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Over the past few years we’ve had the following:

  • South/Midwest “Groundhog Blizzard” of 2011 (MAP | PHOTOS)
  • “Snowmageddon” in the East 2010 (RECAP)
  • New York City Central Park’s snowstorm of record (26.9″ in Feb. 11-12, 2006)
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Winter Storm Nemo is now poised to become the latest example of a powerful, potentially historic, February storm.

BOSTON (CBS) – The snowstorm Friday will be big, but will it be historic and rival some of the legendary storms of Boston’s past?

The short answer is it just might.

I think it is safe to say that Friday’s storm will easily be the biggest one of not only this season but last season as well.

In fact, Boston has the chance to see as much snow in this one storm as they have seen in total from this winter and last!


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