Fukushima Disaster: BAN Japan’s Agriculture Products! Pleads to “make it stop!” Update 9/6/13

Japan Gov’t : We’ve been lying the whole time about radioactive contamination in our agriculture products, but we promise to tell you the truth in the future, if you just keep buying our fish and other foods… We chose not to disclose information because it might damage our reputation… We’re going to PUSH our Fish on the WORLD and EXPAND our Market! We’re setting up a special area inland of Japan… you won’t even have to buy directly from the “banned areas”… we can import contaminated fish and sell it to you from a nondisclosed location. In a Safe zone. (we don’t have to tell you where the fish/produce/dairy were actually obtained). Plus, remember, we’re promising to be really really honest with you from now on…

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S.Korea bans marine products from eastern Japan
The officials also say the country will ask for test certificates if even a trace of radioactivity is found in fish, dairy products and other foods from anywhere in Japan.
But South Korean consumers are even avoiding marine products from their own country now because of fears over the tainted water leaks.