Fukushima Is 1,000x’s Worse Than We Thought!

Published on Aug 21, 2013 http://youtu.be/d1ZFjK7RRMk
Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear explains what the increase severity at Fukushima really means for the planet.http://BeyondNuclear.org

Mark Willacy, in Tokyo, on the farce that is TEPCO’s Fukushima script
by Christina MacPherson


I have learned through my many dealings with TEPCO that this is a company rooted deep in denial. It is a firm that has apparently put public relations before disaster planning.

In the first act we are confronted with outright denial. The Fukushima plant is stable, the reactors are under control. There is no problem. In the second act a problem is exposed in all its radioactive glory – it could be a nuclear water leak, or contaminated groundwater leeching into the Pacific, or a power failure to pools cooling thousands of toxic fuel rods, or mysterious steam oozing from a shattered reactor building (all have happened). In the final act, a line of sober-faced TEPCO officials fills the stage. They choreograph their bows, and the dialogue begins.

“We apologise again for causing anxiety among the public.”

At the start of this crisis, it was keeping water out of the Fukushima plant that was TEPCO’s major failing. Now, it is keeping water in. What next in this endless loop of black farce?

Sorry, sorry, sorry: As the nuclear radiation crisis at Fukushima deepens, at least TEPCO know the script [link to www.independent.co.uk] MARK WILLACY Wednesday 21 August 2013

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