Fukushima leak: “It’s pretty active, pretty intense and it’s out of control”

All this talk about leaking tanks… perhaps TEPCO got caught with their pants down and made up another story saying it’s just the tanks leaking… all the while, the water has been flowing into the pacific… http://youtu.be/qm10VdKKWDY
I just listened to a great interview with Chris Busby. He mentions this at approx 27 minutes into the show.
. “New Leaks” have been discovered, 240 megatons of potentially explosive radioactive material on site, mutations of local plants and wild life, etc.
Chemical Physicist Dr. Busby describes the impending global fall out and and answers questions from callers on air.http://www.llrc.org/index.html

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Alarming new revelations in Fukushima!!!

New high-radiation spots found at quake-hit Fukushima plant


Environment Pollution in Japan on Monday, 29 July, 2013 at 06:32 (06:32 AM) UTC.



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