Fukushima: Tepco set to release almost a MILLION metric tons of radioactive water into the Pacific over the next three years

Just came across a couple of articles. Don’t know if anyone has posted them yet.

Anyways, 1st off, Tepco says it has 220,761 metric tons of radioactive water stored. (The containment vessels are cracked and they constantly have to pump in water to run over the exposed fuel. The water is then stored in tanks which are currently 95% full.

So…what’s their solution? To ‘filter’ out the cesium and then release the still radioactive water into the pacific because they basically don’t know what else to do with it all.


After the water has passed through the crippled units, it is processed through the SARRY system to remove cesium, but other systems designed to remove other radioactive materials have been overwhelmed by the complexity and concentration of contamination found at Fukushima Daiichi.

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TEPCO estimates show that the volume of contaminated water required to be stored on site will likely triple over the next three years.

So basically…they don’t really know HOW to filter out ALL the radioactive material, but F* it, lets poison the ocean
and realease close to a MILLION metric tons of contaminated water into the ocean over the next three years.

WTG Japan….If anyone likes seafood, better eat up now before they’re all dangerous to eat and glow in the dark.



Tokyo Bay cesium even higher than levels reported off Fukushima — Nearly entire sea floor contaminated by 2014 (VIDEO)





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