“Funny Things” Keep Happening on the Way to the War On Syria. The Whole World is on a Dangerously Slippery Slope

Funny things on the way to the War ON Syria have been happening ever since the war IN Syria began two and a half years ago, and they just keep piling on.

A recent one was US President Barack Obama’s announcement that he will hit Syria unilaterally, without a UN mandate and without waiting for the conclusions of UN inspectors on the issue of poison gas – but with a yes vote from Congress.

Then, as the debate opened in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he made it known that he would strike Syria “even if  Congress votes No” to his war!

Yet at the same time, veteran Middle East reporter Dale Gaviak was posting, on Minnesota-based Mint Press, the results of his own investigations with Syrian rebels and their families in the chemical-weapons-hit Damascus suburb of Ghouta.

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His findings: Saudi-paid rebels and their parents told him they received “tubes and bottles” from the Saudis “without knowing they contained poison gas”, and “an accident happened” as a result of “mishandling”, killing scores of civilians and fighters.

This is not the first time Syrian “rebels” have pleaded “accidents” in the face of evidence that they killed civilians.

Read more: http://www.globalresearch.ca/funny-things-keep-happening-on-the-way-to-the-war-on-syria-the-whole-world-is-on-a-dangerously-slippery-slope/5349043


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