FYI if you call Tucker Carlson a liar, He will own you, embarrass you, then take your show away and replace you. On top of that, he will then break viewership records.

Greta Blasts Tucker Carlson Calling Him A Liar On Mike Tyson Comments on Palin


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  1. Christian Nelson says:

    I usually find Greta to be fair and balanced, but she lost it on this one. I went back and read Carlson’s article and yeah there are those little marks called quotation marks around Tyson’s quotes. Carlson described his article accurately, including the editor’s note: “Many of the quotes in this story are offensive, indeed repulsive, and not suitable for younger readers or those who are easily shocked. They are also newsworthy. Had Tyson used this language to attack virtually any other person in public life, he’d be vilified on the front page of the New York Times. But you won’t read these quotes in the Times. We believe they deserve public scrutiny and condemnation.”

    Read more:

    • The Deplorable Hobbit says:

      eh, I’ve been calling her Gretta Van Suckspin for ages.

      • tom says:

        Maybe they can bring back dueling and it could become fashionable among these media “people”! The only way you can BE a media personality is to know how to lie.

        • The Deplorable Hobbit says:

          ummm…we’re trying to get away from that model.

          • Anti Everything says:

            Damn! To bad.

          • The Deplorable Hobbit says:

            Since you are anti-everything, how does it feel to be anti-self?

          • Anti Everything says:

            Hows it feel to be a hobbit,… or is that just a name that means something to you and may mean something different to someone else that you only use for your on-line avatar?

          • tom says:

            Who is “we”? And why would you NOT want these media liars and loudmouths to face off against each other with guns? Can you imagine Tucker Carlson facing this lady on prime time TV? And why would using guns to settle matters between these liars be so bad? After all, their mainstream narrative threatens us ALL with deadly and destructive wars! If they are so enamored to nations settling their scores with wars, then they should LOVE being able to settle their own scores with weaponry!(This is all sarcasm of course, but . . .)

          • The Deplorable Hobbit says:

            TC is full of poop too. He sat back idly for decades propagandizing us when he had a chance to say something but said nothing.

  2. cold340t says:

    This is important, why? Bow Tie Boy is like broken clock, right twice a day nothing more. And Tyson being quoted about Politics, really? Slow News day it must be!

    • medicis says:

      “Bow Tie Boy” ?? a very sophisticated and erudite statement…. surely you can do better.

      • cold340t says:

        I guess you must be under 40yrs. old. or just not aware of “bow tie boys” very checkered, lackluster, history of less then accurate “reporting” of news. IE: Broken Clock reference.
        Or, maybe you are a Family member posting in his defense.
        Otherwise your response, is just a vacuous, simplistic, uninformed response to my post. Thx. TTFN.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    Greta is a lawyer and got out debated by The Tucker.

    Can anyone say shrew?

  4. HWR says:

    I like the embedded BS about Osama Bin Laden aka Tim Osman. That’s where the presstitutes make their money.

    • Anti Everything says:

      Him, her, I think they are all playing on the same side and I agree with your comment about the ‘status quo’ shit they HAVE to spout in order to keep their position in life. This is just more theater for the sorry ass ‘tv watchers’ that watch entire shows of this shit every night – and pick a side. What a waste of life.

      • HWR says:

        The only TalmudVision I watch are JewTube videos and they’re only when it’s something controversial. I got rid of the electric Jew about 8-9 years ago when I found out (((they))) lied about 911. Come to find out they lied about everything and continue to lie.

  5. Anti Everything says:

    Wholly shit! What has happened to good ol Greta? Maybe she is mad hillary lost,… too. If any of these people actually were “friends for 20 years” they would not have mad a spectacle of this nonsense and may have talked it over privately – like “friends” for example.

  6. Pernell Babineaux says:

    Tucker Carlson is not only a liar but a partisan hack. If anyone want to look at Carlson go toe to toe with a “REAL” journalist this is what it looks like….

    Believe me it wasn’t pretty for Carlson as Kurt Eichenwald ripped him a new one on his own show.

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