General Mattis updated NATO in Brussels on ISIS 95% Eradicated under Trump Admin!

General Mattis updated NATO in Brussels on the status of the United States military gains against ISIS and said “95% of the territory once held by ISIS is now liberated and our partners continue to secure more each day.”

The United States Military has been absolutely demolishing ISIS under President Trump compared to the previous administration which refused to even acknowledge their existence.

This announcement by Gen. Mattis follows the news 2 weeks ago that the United States liberated Raqqa in Syria, which was once claimed to be the Islamic caliphate stronghold. Mattis also emphasized that the last pockets held by ISIS in the Anbar Province are progressing rapidly.

The progress that has been made in such a short amount of time is noteworthy and newsworthy yet you won’t find much analysis on your television screen because it would cast President Trump in a positive light.

The ‘mainstream media’ has morphed into a political arm of the Democrat party where they continuously broadcast propaganda designed to manipulate public opinion. Their efforts to separate Trump supporters from Donald Trump has failed and Americans are more frustrated with the Establishment and the Media more than ever.

Mattis also stressed that the fight is not over as we must maintain control over the liberated areas and provide humanitarian relief to the effected areas. He said our greatest weapon that we have is ‘our unity’, referring to the many countries involved in this effort to eliminate ISIS and their sick, twisted ideology.

The elimination of ISIS is a major accomplishment of President Trump and demonstrates the power of the United States Military when under the command of a competent leader. Trump is fulfilling his promises to Make America Great Again and the American people know it, regardless if it’s on the TV or not.


h/t Jake