General William Boykin, Retired, says US economy about to collapse, food shortages, martial law

Retired Army General and Former Deputy Director of the CIA.

No pleasure is taken from seeing vast legions of struggling Americans, including a few close friends, who have lost jobs, lost homes, lost savings, lost pensions, and lost a valuable sense of security, as they continue to hang on. Many might actually find the warmth of the official camps, only to disappear later on. Argentina and Chile had their desaparecidos, and so will the United States.

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My personal background has taught me well that a corrupt system never corrects itself. Instead, it spins out of control with broken platforms, layered mechanisms to impose its servitude and influence, complete with side projects to illicitly support itself. See the theft of Iraq gold and theft of Libyan gold. Their people will never again see that wealth. The US system will remain broken until it collapses, never to be corrected until after its collapse.



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