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Geological Shift! Salt Mine Under Lake Erie Shuts Down in Cleveland!

They have taken precaution, But if Any part of the Cavern Was To Give …Any, ..It Could Resort In a Huge Disaster , One Even bigger than the Louisiana Sinkhole!…

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  • Arizona

    I stood on the side of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER,up by tennssee I think,AND with the LORD himself on my right side,HE pointed at the GULF of mexico,and as he waved his hand NORTH,a GIANT GRAND CANYON formed,ALL THE WAY TO HUDSON BAY canada,it was so deep,I COULDN’T SEE THE BOTTOM,and so wide,I COULDN’T SEE THE OTHER SIDE,many states disappeared into the canyon,all the way to hudson bay,they just fell into the hole and were gone…………beware you were warned NOT TO MESS WITH ISRAEL,you better start listening to the LORD he ain’t joken about leaving them alone……………………………..

  • Arizona

    OF course,you may not have to worry about the mississippi river,THE RUSSIANS were on the net,BRAGGING,BY CHRISMAS ,AMERICA WILL BE THEIRS,and everything you owned will be theirs,HOW do you guys feel about that??they feel they have the ARMY,YOUR POLICE GANGS and enough help, to JUST TAKE OVER and by christmas you’ll be living under a RUSSIAN DICTATORSHIP,hahaha,OBAMA, HAS HANDED THEM YOUR COUNTRY…….and anyone who tries to fight them,they’ll just kill you or put you in a fema death camp…….and they gave ALL THE CHILDREN to the CHINESE..TO TAKE BACK TO CHINA FOR SLAVES… you know why your POLICE GANGS are gearing up TO FIGHT YOU………they sold you out too……BETTER GET READY,its going to be a RED DAWN ATTACK ON YOU……………………..

    • Sueychop

      The Russians are just being used by the satanist elites to destroy both American and Russia. America will be Russia’s graveyard. And America will be mostly destroyed as well. This is actually a judgement by God. Its coming. Almost here, actually. Pray Jesus has Mercy on us all.