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Geological storm wrecking the north west

Aprox 77 minutes ago a quake in new Zealand started a chain reaction of quakes that has woken the dormant volcanoes that are Washington state with a notable jolt … Waking the giant … With the current state that this continent is In ( with the sink hole plus seismic activity ) and the storm front. In fact this monster storm could be a geological storm with lava landslide floods avalanches and what could end up ripping the country in twain … The quake that started this ironiclly struck Washington state 69 minutes after the new Zealand quake … That in theory mean the current of the molten material is traveling at a speed of more than a thousand miles an hour ( 3500mph) ten times the speed of yesterday’s quake that hit the new Madrid . The difference is the depth … Yesterdays were a combined depth of 960 km where as today’s were a combine depth of 360km. The depth determines the direction of the current the magma flows … Yesterdays slid under the Nevada faults .. But today it hit right above the 500km line … Sending the current north and into the volcanic mountains of Washington .
If any body can even see the top of mt Rainer … ( weather out there right now is historic) check and see is there smoke rising from the top . If there is ….. Get out of there .…