George Zimmerman Uses Voice Analysist as TESTIMONY


For a second day in a row, a Florida judge is weighing whether to allow certain voice experts to testify at the trial of a neighborhood watch volunteer charged in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen.

Zimmerman Judge Considers Allowing Voice Experts

An expert hired by an Orlando newspaper is testifying that screams for help on 911 calls don’t match neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman’s voice.

Tom Owen testified Friday at a hearing on whether voice identification experts can be used at Zimmerman’s second-degree trial for fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The trial starts Monday and Zimmerman is pleading not guilty.

George Zimmerman Trial: FBI voice analyst says screams in background of 911 call “very difficult to analyze”

Testifying for the defense during a pre-trial hearing Thursday, an FBI voice-recognition scientist said that he didn’t believe it was possible to identify who was screaming in the background of a 911 call placed the night George Zimmerman shot and killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Voice analysis of 911 call is at issue in George Zimmerman case

The case of George Zimmerman, the man charged with killing unarmed African American teenager Trayvon Martin, slogged its way through a preliminary hearing Thursday where technical issues such as expert testimony on voice analysis took center stage.

The hearing before Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson in Florida will resume Friday.,0,7903193.story