Gerald Celente – Where’s this cryptocurrency bubble heading?

Goldseek Radio, Released on 11/8/17

  • Head of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente shares the hosts’ enthusiasm for Bitcoin and related Altcoins.
  • The blockchain revolution presents a key portfolio candidate for investors with a long-term focus.
  • He outlines his personal Altcoin portfolio.
  • Cryptocoins could be viewed as a safe harbor asset amid economic / financial turmoil, similar to the PMs.
  • The duo concur; investors are encouraged to dollar cost average into the cryptocurrencies and PMs over months / years, instead timing the market.
  • It may be advisable to adhere to the established names in the field when building a diversified crypto portfolio.
  • The lead developers / venture capitalists gravitate to the key projects.
  • A hypothetical portfolio follows.
  • The host identified a significant statistical correlation that suggests one method to hedge BTC profits.
  • The UUP ETF shares a -.89 correlation with BTC – a small LEAPS option position requires further analysis (figure 1.1.).
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