GERMAN car manufacturer OPEL running commercials to show that Muslims are a lot smarter than Germans

by BNI

If OPEL sells cars in your country, you should tell them that because of these insulting commercials, you’ll make sure no one you know will ever buy their cars.



h/t Milliard

Previously posted here, the German government is also running the same kind of anti-German/pro-Muslim public service commercials.



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  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    Well… Germans did elect Merkel, so maybe just about everyone on the planet IS a lot smarter than them…

  • Lonesomeskunk

    Americans elected the worst president ever twice because they wanted a black one. In American commercials the white guy is always the yokel and have you noticed that blacks are always over represented in ours? What about all the other races in this country, why are they not in the commercials? The Muslims are real bad because they rape and kill, well blacks have been mass raping and killing here for years. The European governments are doing to whites there as ours has to us here you better not say anything or you will be called a racist or go to jail. Look up the number of backs raping white women versus whites raping black women.

    • Zaphod Braden

      And every commercial pushes black male and White woman, denigrating White males …….. now who is it in advertizing agencies that would coordinate that?

  • Divoll79

    oops…. Opel just shot itself in the foot.

    • amoo di

      not as you think ,many well educated moslems are wealthy in Germany more over in US next time you visit any hospital make sure you put your Prejudice at home or you might die

  • ChickShow


  • desertspeaks

    oddly less than one percent of muslim immigrants in Germany are employed.. who the hell is Opel going to sell cars to?? muslims without jobs?? BRILLIANT PLAN!

  • amuncat

    This is insane!!!Not only that, the German people are paying for this people to be there!!! Most aren’t educated and hate western ways and western people! I just hope that the German potato salad had bits of pork like most do! LOL

  • nicu78

    Pathetic. Opel is a German car maker owned by French automotive company Groupe PSA with GM being a major stakeholder.
    So Opel is proudly a globalist company that manufactures garbage cans on wheels. Like Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Very unreliable cars after the 90-s.
    So where is the Muslim made car Opel? Since your isn’t even German. The neue Astra is a joke!

    • Eger 1552

      Was not laughing last summer when I rented one for a month. I was the slowest on the road, was even thinking getting out and giving it a push occasionally. An abomination of a driving experience. I drive an older Saturn Astra, only those pass whom I let. The Opel Astra is probably the “new” engineers’ idea of a spruced up camel. Would not want it for free!

  • anonymous4u4me

    He is comparing a false religion or cult to a race of people muslim is not a race of people so not comparing apples to apples. How smart can a muslim be if he is led to believe in a false prophet and a false religion? How smart can a muslim be if he believes that God would give him virgins for his deeds and there is no sex in heaven? How smart can a muslim be if he thinks God would want him to diddle little boys and goats? How smart can a muslim be if he thinks God wishes him to beat his wife at will, and hide her in black clothing in extreme heat? How smart can a muslim be if he does not know that God gives man free will and that muslims take it away with my way or off with your head? Now the Germans had they not been forced into at least 2 major wars would be leading the world in many aspects as proven by what they accomplished in inventions and great product development before the wars and even during. Tanks, submarines. cameras, automobiles, planes, the list is almost endless can we say the same about muslims? While Arabs did invent things, they are and were and will remain Arabs, not muslims. Muslims including their false prophet mohammand believe it is ok to marry and have sex with girls as young as nine, would they want me to have sex with their daughters at age of nine? I doubt it, so now not only are they not smart, but they are big hypocrites. How smart can they be when they run from their own nations, rather then fight for it, and then try to change the nations they run to by being mean evil and stupid. This guy can take his cars and shove them where the sun don’t shine as his sales should drop to the point of the company going bankrupt, now this tells me, he might be just as stupid as the described above and must be a muslim.

  • Simon S

    The commercial is showing the growing trend among young Europeans, which are addicted to electronic stuff and lack the social skills. It is very true even if you hate the commercial. Return to the nature could be the slogan too.

  • ActivistAngel

    For those paying attention, the fellow says his car uses 3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.
    If you go to the site below, and do the conversion (33.3 kilometers per liter)
    That translates to 77 MILES PER GALLON!
    Anyone wonder how much we are being lied to here in the corporate controlled U S of A?

    • Eger 1552

      The best I got was about 4 litres per hundred, that was down on the canyon side, wind blowing from behind and I was pushing it.

  • Sink Chicken

    Do Muslims rape more little boys than Germans?

  • Zaphod Braden

    Screw you General “TAXPAYER WELFARE BAILOUT” Motors —-