German Minister: ‘Three Million Migrants Ready to Set Sail for Europe’

A minister of the German government has confessed that neither Germany nor the European Union (EU) has a real strategy of how to integrate migrants into European society, while warning that three million new migrants are preparing to “set sail for Europe.”

As Minister for European Policies for Germany, Michael Roth is the person in charge of coordinating Germany’s relations with the European Union, its policies and representatives. In an interview Wednesday with the Italian daily Il Giornale, the 46-year-old Social Democrat defended the recent EU-Turkey agreement for deporting illegal migrants back to Turkey, saying that “we have no alternative.”

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“We have 3 million migrants ready to set sail for Europe and we must recognize that without Erdogan we have no ability to manage their movements,” he said. “And we have to grant him that, until now, he has been able to do with the migrants what we Europeans have been unable to do.”


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