Germany delivers 16,000 assault rifles, 10,000 grenades to Kurds in Iraq

10,000 hand grenades, 16,000 rifles, 240 rocket-propelled grenades: Germany sends military equipment for 4000 Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq. This was decided by the Federal Government on Sunday evening.

Berlin – The fight against the jihadists of the ” Islamic State “(IS) will theKurds in northern Iraq, among other anti-tank missiles “Milan” and bazookas from Germany. The’ve Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said. It previously with a ministerial meeting headed by Chancellor had Merkel in Berlin agreed.

Germany sends 16,000 assault rifles, 40 machine guns, 240 rocket-propelled grenades, 500 anti-tank missiles and 10,000 hand grenades to the Kurds, as is evident from a statement by the Ministry of Defence. In addition, to SUVs and five armored patrol vehicles of the type “Dingo 1” supplied (a complete list can be found below this article).The Federal Government had, moreover, because of the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Iraq “started with the provision of auxiliary services at an altitude of 50 million euros so far.”

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With the delivered weapons with a total value of around 70 million euros Berlin will first upgrade an approximately 4,000 large Peshmerga United Association. The situation in Iraq was “extremely critical,” said von der Leyen, the IS threw “merciless brutality” before. In the explanation of her ministry states: “It is our humanitarian responsibility and our security policy interest to help the suffering and stop the IS.”

Meanwhile, ?stanbul-based Turcas Energy Holding says they are interested in building a $500 million gas pipeline project from Israel’s Leviathan gas field to Turkey in possible partnership with Enerjisa, which is owned by Turkey’s Sabanc? Holding and Germany’s leading energy company RWE.

This is significant because it is the first time since WWII that Germany has sent anything but money, humanitarian aid or at most non-lethal supplies (tents, helmets, protection gear, etc) into an active war zone without retaining direct control over the items (i.e. without sending troops too).

There is a huge debate about this in Germany right now.




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