GERMANY: Muslim man has meltdown at Frankfurt airport check-in, beats up police

by BNI

At Lufthansa check-in, crazed Muslim is filmed kicking and punching 2 officers, unable to subdue him . Other travelers in background heard booing and heckling. Authorities urge people not to share this video.

Infowars  The rest of the man’s family, including two Muslim (wives?) wearing Islamic garb then crowd around the police. Some people claim the man was upset because security tried to check his wives’ veils, although there is no confirmation of this.

The man became verbally aggressive and threatened airport staff, forcing federal police to intervene. Police officers involved were slightly injured. The confrontation ends when the man suddenly drops to the floor. It is unclear whether he was tasered or just play-acting in order to portray himself as the victim (as Muslims like to do).