Get ready guys! This DEPRESSION will come over the pond and infect us – GUARANTEED.

Short the Market.

Why do you think there is talk of war against Iran? The FACT is they are out of ammunition. Gas prices will set the stage.

On a Personal Level the key is to Restraint Spending. But that is exactly what’s going to get us deeper into a HOLE!

We must recognize that GREEN Energy (not Natural Gas or Clean (Dirty) Coal) is the Path.

Like Germany it could be the Solar industry.

We must also recognize that we are the cause of Global Warming which will exacerbate the Worse Case Scenarios. READ this…

Hush Hush We must NEVER mention that the Republicans Illustrious Leader’s forays set the stage for what will be our un-ending Depression.

There is NOTHING they can do to correct this.


Here is an article that shows how difficult it is becoming for fixed income investors to find low risk sovereign bonds:

As the European debt crisis has unwound, the supply of sovereign debt that is viewed as a safe asset has fallen, resulting in the removal of $9 trillion of safe assets from the world’s inventory. This represents about 16 percent of the total world’s supply.


And here is an article that shows how Spain have shorter debt than another countries as a Germany or France.

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Spain ranks 36, while France is way down the chart at 67, and Portugal 68. The ten points of each economy analyzed show France has done nothing to free its economy, while raising taxes, while Spain under the new president is tackling its worst problems, its rigid labor laws. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next year as both French candidates for president are going the opposite direction from solving the root problems of its economy. Raising taxes always drives out investment. Of course, everything in the euro zone depends on the ECB’s printing presses. Will it cave and issue unlimited money?


From WSJ (4/19/2012):

The Spanish government’s 10-year borrowing costs increased at its debt auction Thursday, reflecting investor concerns about its ability to cut its budget deficit as planned amid rising unemployment and falling economic output.

The rise in 10-year yields, which was expected, also casts doubts on the effectiveness of the European Central Bank’s giant injection of cash into the euro zone’s banking system, which appears to be running out of steam as banks have used up most of the cheap funds made available to them by buying government bonds.

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