Giant Pig Farm Disaster: A Medical Hoax & Cover Story

The big one: how environmental killing becomes a medical disease. The giant pig farm disaster: a medical hoax and cover story. The full truth has never been told—until now. “To handle all that [pig-farm feces] waste, farmers in North Carolina use a standard practice called the lagoon and spray field system. They flush feces and urine from barns into open-air pits called lagoons, which turn the color of Pepto-Bismol when pink-colored bacteria colonize the waste. To keep the lagoons from overflowing, farmers spray liquid manure on their fields nearby. The result, says Steve Wing, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is this: ‘The eastern part of North Carolina is covered with *****’.” —National Geographic, 10/30/14

The above quote describes corporate pig farming around the world.

In order to carry out this operation, giant companies like Smithfield have influenced legislators and government-agency officials. Environmental laws and regulations are ignored, or changed. Lawsuits are fought, hammer and tongs. Here is what Robert F Kennedy Jr. told radio interviewer, Rachel Lewis Hilburn on 6/3/16: “…a hog produces ten times the amount of fecal waste by weight as a human being, so if you have a facility that has ten thousand hogs in it, it’s producing as much sewage as a city of a hundred thousand people. Smithfield has one plant in Utah—they call it Circle Four Farms—that has a million hogs on it, so it’s producing the same amount of waste as New York City every day.”…l-disease/

Hundreds of North Carolina residents are going to court, accusing their farmer neighbors of leaving hog waste on their doorsteps. Mark Strassmann went to the state to see — and smell — the problem for himself.

Pork Danger-Don’t Eat Pork!

To eat meat or not is a choice. But if I had to choose between the types of meat, it is worse than pork, the option is not there. Ecologically safe and useful types of meat — beef, lamb, poultry, venison. Common and everyone’s favorite pork — a source of many health problems, you should limit its use or even to completely eliminate from your diet. Pork consists of toxic materials — fat, mucus, histamine, dangerous hormones, which are subjected to putrefaction in the intestine. It causes infections, skin diseases, arthritis and arthrosis, and even changes in hormonal background of the person. Science explains a lot. Pork contains a growth hormone that causes disruptions in the coordinated work of the human body. Under the influence of alien hormone occur pathological processes: obesity, the growth of benign and malignant tumors.

Pork contains histamine, the allergic irritant. Appendicitis, development of boils and cholecystitis, dermatitis, eczema — the effects of histamine on the body. Pig’s blood is rich with carcinogenic agents specific to red blood cells acting as markers for cancer. The flu virus is very common in the sausage, getting into the product from the lungs of the animal. Frequent consumption of pork leads to increased flu! Pork — the fatty meats, it promotes obesity, especially if there is pork in a stressful condition. Pork is very toxic, it contains dangerous carcinogens and is not inferior to his harmfulness of alcohol and tobacco. Any idea on the Carcinogenicity of pig hormones.

Human flesh and pork are very similar in structure, there are a number of anatomical and biochemical similarities of humans and pigs. But the pig — the negative display of human. It has little muscles and bones, but a lot of fat and connective tissue. Pigs often get sick, and you can never be sure fully, the meat of a sick or healthy animal you eat. The constant poisoning toxins in pork meat cause heart problems can cause a stroke. In humans who consume pork, formed a favorable environment for pathogenic bacteria. All disease is the mobilization of protective measures against toxins or damage resulting from the ingestion of toxins. Many people think pork is surprisingly delicious meat, but it is only food habit that can be changed. If a child learning to eat right, then you can avoid serious health problems. Think over, whether to continue eating meat pigs and share this important information with friends.