Glenn Beck’s Dire Warning: ‘We Don’t Survive’ If We Go Into Syria… Don’t Screw Around With This. This Is WWIII In The Making


8/27/13 – The country is becoming increasingly wary about the United States getting involved in any way with the current atrocities going on in Syria. Today Glenn Beck took a decidedly grim view of what would happen if the United States intervened: “we won’t survive.” Beck agreed in principle with Sean Hannity’s comments that intervention could very well lead the United States into World War III, since Russia, Iran, and China are warning against intervention, and we’d end up going against all of them.

Beck said he’s not an anti-war protestor, but declared that “we need anti-war rallies” to push back against this, and people need to just ignore politicians like John McCain and President Obama dismissing opposition to intervention as coming from “extremists.”

Beck reminded the audience Obama’s anti-war stance was one of the major things that secured his election, and pointed out that he was highly critical of Bush for similar tactics. He instructed listeners to find common ground with liberals on this issue and stand united against intervention.

He concluded, “Don’t screw around with this. This is WWIII in the making.”


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  • gino

    Kosher Klown

    • nocensorship

      I would like to add that America is fully controlled by the Kosher Nostra.

  • zionism_uber_alles

    very slick of beck considering its his own bosses pushing the usa towards war

    last week they showed they could destroy the dollar, the bond market, and google, nasdaq, the “cloud”etc … that’s what forced obama, hagel and dempsey to acquiesce… i consider this a fact.. i also know beck went to kiss ass in israel to get his show…so… very slick…like infowars, another kosher klown

  • Berty

    Don’t worry Amerika, John Kerry (Cohen) has your best interests at heart.

  • nocensorship

    WW III? Hmm, Syria is that powerful – I did not know that. May be the Syrians are building nookular weapons with Iranium.

    We will watch the American/UK cowards in uniform commit another genocide. Russia and China are not going to do anything about it.

    If Syria would own serious war hardware they would have shot down the war planes of the Israel thugs, don’t you think.

  • don

    Beck…..Amerikan traitor bitch. just like EVERYONE in the media he sold his soul to the International Zionist Jew cabal long ago. Israel and it’s zionist financiers around the globe in the Disapora are the world’s cause of all suffering. We must rout them out.