Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.

Just like the British in the late 1700s, mother England wanted to maintain control. Americans protested a tea tax. But the Boston Tea Party, throwing the tea into Boston harbor, wasn’t enough to rally Americans against the British. George Washington falteringly opposed the British with a small force against more than 30,000 British troops.

It wasn’t till the British burnt down American homes that homeless American women sewed uniforms for their husbands and sons and presented a standing army to General Washington to oppose the British. This strategic error by the British eventually led to their demise.

What the federal government/bankster alliance doesn’t realize today is that it has made the same mistake as the British. By accepting bribes from the banksters, politicians have sided with a mob that teased naive Americans into low introductory home mortgage interest rates, which as resulted in 18 million vacant homes, having the same effect as burning them down as the British did. This has now begun to polarize the people against the banker/politician mafia that now runs the country.

I hope you get the gist of my message here, that unbeknownst to Americans, they may be participating in a huge revolutionary overthrow of their own amoral government as they elect to purchase and utilize gold. Remember folks, the Trading With The Enemy Act pf 1917 was placed in effect Because they could NOT track purchases made with Gold! The only way to true financial freedom And prosperity is with the Constitutional form of currency of free men…GOLD!

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If the amount of gold purchased by Americans were divided by the total population of over 300 million, this would represent less than $7 of gold purchased per capita per year. Now, should just 10-15% of the moneyed-classes begin to buy gold coins, this represents paper money that is withdrawn from the banksters and converted into real gold that is not likely to even be stored in a bank safety deposit box. Needless to say, the sale of home safes is up 50-70%. This essentially represents a “bank run.” Gold coins cannot be used by the banksters any more than money under the mattress.

Government knows it is losing its grip. Government can threaten to take away your guns and bullets as it is currently doing. It can falsely characterize any opposition as being pro-terrorist. It can impart fear with the development of internment camps. It can intimidate with the future recruitment of a 1-million man police force. It can release propaganda via its gofers in the news media. But the people can strike back by abandoning use of their counterfeit money and replacing it with gold. It’s a strike at the very center of their ongoing fraud that is now impoverishing every American.

Americans, it’s time to load your proverbial muskets. Forget the ineffectual street tea parties which only serve to churn up more frustration. Fire your first shot in this revolution. Buy Gold!

Risk Not your Wealth in Paper, we enter a Period of Truth.

– TheRed.PillPlease


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