Gold Price Manipulation Happening Now More Than Ever? – Frank Holmes

Kitco News, Released on 10/11/17

There’s something off in the gold market.

This according to U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes, who told Kitco News he thinks the price just “doesn’t make sense.”

“Governments and central banks are manipulating interest rates, it’s very evident,” he said following the release of the latest Federal Open Market Committee minutes Wednesday. “They move interest rates around so there’s no doubt they can do this with gold.” Holmes added that manipulation — or “price suppression” — would be a way to explain why the yellow metal has been unable to hold on to recent rallies. “It’s amazing that it is what it is.”


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  1. tom d says:

    The manipulation is not limited to gold. Silver is clearly manipulated. The reason for moves is to sell puts & call options. It does not take a huge move in price to make a lot of money. They can buy puts & sell calls. They then massively naked short. When the stock get to the level they have set they then buy calls & cover shorts and buy some of the stock. This way they make 6 dollars for a one dollar decline & return. This goes on in most of the market. The fed will cover so banks can make moves only an insane person would risk. The will lead to a huge crash but you can be sure they will not be hurt by the crash.

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