Google is building Skynet (This is the REAL Dec. 21, 2012 Singularity event)

Ray Kurzweil is working with Google on the next generation of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Google is close, dear friends with the Obama regime.

Kurzweil is currently building a software system that will be able to not only think like a human brain, but be able to predict what other brains are thinking.

How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

In addition, he said that within 10 years, your “PC” will be the size of a single red blood cell and be 1 BILLION times more powerful.

Finally, the AI he’s working on will have an interface similar to Apple’s Siri, except that you won’t need to ask it questions. It will anticipate your needs and questions before you ask.

When asked “When does this become Minority Report?”, his response was “Everything is a trade-off”.
Minority Report wasn’t a trade-off. It was the world of being arrested and being put in a state of brain death for pre-crime, crimes that had not yet occured.

This is Ray Kurzweil saying this. This is not sci-fi, vaporware, or sales talk.

Google is about to “wake up”, and it will have all your Obamacare medical records, phone records, banking records, emails, OnStar records that are being collected by the NSA and stored in Utah…

This is the Dec. 21, 2012 Singularity.×410.jpg×471.jpg

Assange: The Internet isn’t free, it has been built for absolute totalitarianism

Why the future doesn’t need us

Replace Cyberdyne with Google, Dyson with Kurzweil, and Aug. 29, 1997 with Dec 12, 2012:

Meaning In Numbers: Data Is The New Common Language

There’s another transition looming for the role of data in our world: of data into language itself. We can tell stories with data. We can make art (as the recent Art Hack Day, in Boston, did), and we can even demonstrate the true measure of one’s language proficiency: We can make jokes. During the same week as DataGotham, my company, Cultivated Wit, hosted the world’s first “comedy hack day.” Comedians, developers, and technology sponsors joined forces one weekend to pitch, build, then demo 23 comedic apps.


Shape-shifing Robot Revealed, No Comment From Skynet

The “Chembot,” whose research is being funded by DARPA, is basically an outer skin, composed of several silicon sacks, which turn rigid or liquidlike, depending on whether they’re inflated. That skin surrounds a fluid core, which itself has another inflatable bladder. When portions of the skin and the interior bladder are both inflated, that creates bulges in the outer skin. Using that trick, the Chembot can change its shape and propel itself, through a rolling motion.