Government Apologies but Turkey Protesters Continues

Turkey protests continue despite apology

Protests have continued in Turkey as demonstrators defied a government appeal to end deadly unrest in which two people have died.

On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arnic apologised for “excessive violence” against protesters trying to save a park in Istanbul, a campaign which acted as catatlyst for deeper tensions within the country.

A meeting between the deputy prime minister and some of the protesters took place on Wednesday in Ankara.

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Turkish trade unions join protests against PM Erdogan

Turkish trade unionists banging drums and trailing banners marched into an Istanbul square on Wednesday, joining unprecedented protests against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan over what they see as his authoritarian rule.

Members of more than a dozen unions chanting “Tayyip resign” marched down a major avenue towards Taksim Square. There were similar protests against Erdogan, prime minister for over 10 years and winner of three elections, in Kizilay Park in the capital Ankara.



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