GOVERNMENT: Defenses Down!! OVER 100 Air Traffic Control Towers to CLOSE And The System Is Vulnerable To Malicious Hacks That Could Cause Catastrophe!!

WASHINGTON – The White House trotted out Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today to explain that the sequester will take a toll at many of the nation’s airports.

“This is very painful for us because it involves our employees,” he told reporters. “But it’s gonna be VERY painful for the flying public.”

Previously Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano warned of a one hour increase in waiting in line at airport security checkpoints as a result of the furloughing of TSA workers.


OVER 100 Air Traffic Control Towers to CLOSE.…/Facilities_Could_Be_Closed.pdf


Sources within the counter-terrorism community, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that the cities that are at the greatest risk are those that are densely populated and located in the northeast, the Pacific west coast, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Florida, and other major populated centers around the Great Lakes.


The head of Canada’s spy service has told Parliament that the fragmenting of al-Qaeda has made him more “worried” about terrorist attacks in Canada.

“Five years ago we weren’t as worried about domestic terrorism as we are now,” testified Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, during a Senate hearing on Monday.

It’s all about cutting defenses on our soil.

Washington — U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says he will recommend that President Obama veto a $631 billion defense bill if Congress fails to include funding for a missile defense project….

The number of U.S. ground forces would drop to levels not seen since 1940, the Navy would drop to the smallest number of ships since 1915 and the Air Force would be the smallest ever, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in warning Congress of the dire implications of deeper defense cuts.

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It leaves the major ones the only operable ones in crises.

A next-generation global air traffic control system is vulnerable to malicious hacks that could cause catastrophe

AN ALARM blares in the cockpit mid flight, warning the pilot of an imminent collision. The pilot checks his tracking display, sees an incoming aircraft and sends the plane into a dive. That only takes it into another crowded air lane, however, where it collides with a different plane. Investigators later discover that the pilot was running from a “ghost” – a phantom aircraft created by a hacker intent on wreaking havoc in the skies.


McManus: D.C. doubles down on the sequester

Neither side wants it, but both think they can benefit from it.,0,7013539.column


800,000 Set to be Unemployed by Government

How Federal Spending Would Be Cut Under the Sequester

On March 1, $85 billion in across-the-board federal spending cuts—known in Washington parlance as the sequester—are set to begin, prompted by a 2011 law designed to reduce the government’s budget deficit. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about how it would work, assuming it takes effect as scheduled.

What happens on March 1?

The impact likely wouldn’t be felt immediately because the agencies would have to adjust their budgets. Many of the cuts wouldn’t take place until weeks or months later.

Many federal agencies would begin informing roughly one million civilian employees that they could soon be forced to take unpaid leave, one day per week perhaps. These furloughs likely won’t begin until around April.

Federal agencies affected also would send letters to contractors and state and local officials informing them of the cuts. They could detail the size and extent of the reductions over the remaining seven months of the federal fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.

That could in turn force a state governor who receives federal aid or a contractor with government business to reevaluate their own budgets and inform employees or subcontractors of their own cuts. It could take a while for the ripple effect to spread.