Governments Are Pushing Their Agenda By Using Terrorism

Brazil is raising revenue by increasing taxes on debit cards by 1600% abroad. Sales across the Eurozone decline again in December. The French impose a 75% tax on the wealthy. US home sales decline again to lowest levels. Terrorists explode a 2nd device in Russia. These terrorists attacks are sponsored by foreign Governments to push their agenda forward. The FBI is linking those who have or use Almanacs as planning a terrorist attack.


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  • Ezra Pound

    The Russian attacks are more than likely the work of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  • LondonBoy

    Last year, (2013) Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia offered Putin a “peaceful” winter games next year, if he stopped support of Assad in Syria. As this was turned down, Bandar is delivering the opposite – to prove his point. AlQaeda, Syrian Rebels, M.E. Brotherhood are all supported by Bandar with BILLIONS of dollars of aid.

    • mdavis223

      It would be interesting to see a shooting war between SA and Russia. I doubt Obama would have the stomach to interfere. Alas, retribution will take place through back channels, but I would not be surprised to see a few royal family members become targets themselves. Bandar Bush has much to answer for, including his role in 9/11.