Gowdy, R-SC, blames Hillary for Benghazi attack and doesn’t give a damn

Gowdy: Thank you Mr. Chairman. I am trying to reconcile how Benghazi was not safe enough for the FBI to go, but it was safe enough to leave a below-spec facility for our diplomats to stay in. I am just trying to reconcile those two points. That if it’s too dangerous for the Bureau, who are trained law enforcement officials, but its just fine for diplomats.

Gowdy: I’d like to weave this tapestry together and I want to be fair about it, so If i mischaracterize anything, please correct me

[Question to whistleblower Mr. Hicks]

Gowdy: The ambassador was interested in going to Benghazi because of interests that Secretary Clinton had in Benghazi? Is that fair?

Hicks: that’s fair

[Question to whistleblower Mr. Nordstrom:]

Gowdy: I thought I understood your testimony to be that, Secretary Clinton alone, was able to improve facilities that were below specs?

Nordstrom: She is the only one who can authorize waivers for SECA.

Gowdy: So we are able to show that in part, he went to Benghazi because of Sec Clinton and part, Benghazi was still open despite the fact it was below-spec because of Sec. Clinton.

[3rd point about unclassified email in which Cheryl Mills was copied on but the State department will not release]

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Gowdy: Because I have heard all afternoon about denying access to documents and they do not want to deny the public and media access to this unclassified document (email).

Gowdy: All three of you have made a compelling case today on why it is important for the government to tell the truth to its own citizens. So if anyone wants to know what difference does it make?

Gowdy: it always matters, whether or not you can trust your government. and to the families, we’re going to find out out what happened in Benghazi and i don’t give a damned whose career is impacted

Here is the entire hearing and Mr. Gowdy begins his 2nd part of questioning at 5hours 40min.


SC House Rep. Trey Gowdy re: AG Eric Holder Criminal Contempt of Congress Citation 6-28-12

‘do you want 75% of the truth, 50% of the truth, or do you want ALL of it’

once again, Gowdy questioning documents not being released. Old clip but worthwhile to watch to those that haven’t seen it.

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