Gregory Mannarino: JPMorgan, George Soros And Goldman Sachs Are Seeing Something Big On The Horizon. . . . We Could Be Weeks Away From A Major Market Event, Massive Sell-off Here

Gregory Mannarino of says the next crash will be no accident, and it’s coming soon. Mannarino contends, “The Federal Reserve is a serial and deliberate bubble blower. They have hyper-inflated the stock market. Why? Because they are going to allow this thing to blow off . . . . This is a wealth transfer. We’ve had the pump, and now we are going to get the dump. The dump is the wealth transfer. . . . I want people to understand, if you are long this market, you are very vulnerable right now. If you have a 401-K plan, you are very vulnerable. Remember what happened in 2008 to your 401-K plan? It’s going to be worse this time.”

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