Gun Designed for the Disabled to be Displayed at Amputee Conference; Maker to Seek FDA Recognition of its ‘Palm Pistol’ as Medical Equipment

USA – Constitution Arms, a company specializing in designing and manufacturing firearms for the disabled, will likely become the first company to exhibit such products at a major consumer conference for amputees, the company announced in a May 12 press release. The “Palm Pistol®, Palm Carbine® and assorted accessories [will be displayed] at the Amputee Coalition’s 2016 National Conference in Greensboro, NC, from June 9-11.”

“The sideways ‘T’-shaped, ergonomic Palm Pistol®, and the Palm Carbine® based on it, are specially designed firearms that can be fired by depressing a trigger at the top and/or bottom with one’s thumb or combination of other fingers,” the press release explains. “This allows individuals with weak hands, amputations, arthritis, muscular degeneration or other debilitating medical issues to operate the firearm with ease and accuracy, creating numerous rehabilitative as well as recreational opportunities.

“For these reasons, the gun will be marketed to people with physical disabilities, and the company plans to seek FDA recognition of the Palm Pistol® as medical equipment for impaired individuals, potentially qualifying owners for insurance reimbursement,” the release elaborates. “The firearm’s inventor, Matthew Carmel – who is president of Constitution Arms – is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. Mr. Carmel developed the idea for the firearms after encountering numerous students who found it difficult to grip and fire a traditional pistol because of medical conditions.”