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HAMAS CELEBRATES TEL AVIV BUS BOMBING: At Least 21 Wounded; Police Suspect Terror Attack; Israel-Gaza Truce falters; Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom Called It “An Escalation.”

Blast hits Tel Aviv bus, at least 21 hurt; police chasing two terror suspects

Explosion occurred just after noon, at corner of Shaul Hamelekh and Henrietta Szold Streets; one casualty seriously wounded, one lightly-to moderately, and the rest sustain light injuries; passersby ordered to keep distance from scene.

An explosion hit a bus in central Tel Aviv on Wednesday, wounding at least 21 people. One of the casualties was in serious condition, one sustained light-to-moderate injuries, and the rest were lightly wounded.

Police opened an immediate manhunt for two suspected terrorists.



Dozen wounded in blast; Israel-Gaza truce falters

The blast, which left the bus charred and its windows blown out, was the first bombing in Tel Aviv since 2006. It appeared aimed at sparking Israeli fears of a return to the violence of the Palestinian uprising last decade, which killed more than 1,000 Israelis in bombings and shooting attacks and left more than 5,000 Palestinians dead as well.

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom, who heard the explosion from his Tel Aviv office, called it “an escalation.”

“What does it say about the future of the (truce) talks? I leave it to (the senior officials), but this doesn’t add anything,” Yitzhak Aharonovich, Israel’s minister of internal security, told Army Radio.


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