Hanford, Now A Worst Case Scenario…… 800 000 DPM…. Outside of Containment….


TV: “It appears the worst case scenario has happened” at U.S. nuclear site — Most dangerous material on earth “out of control”? — A whopping 800,000 dpm measured outside tank (VIDEO) #Hanford

[…] It appears the most dangerous material on earth is out of its tank and out of their control, and there’s no immediate plan on how to solve the problem. […]

Now it appears the worst case scenario has happened, the waste has eaten through the outer tank wall. […]

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Hanford double-wall tank may be leaking ‘screaming hot’ N-waste


Hanford radioactive cleanup $billions over budget
by Christina MacPherson
Hanford 2011Nuclear waste clean-up delayed and billions over budget


CBS News: Worry about explosion of unstable radioactive material at U.S. nuclear site — “We don’t understand the chemical reactions” -Safety Manager (VIDEO)


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Little is known about what was put in the tanks and how it’s changed since the 1940s. [Donna Busche, a manager of environmental and nuclear safety at Hanford,] is worried it’s unstable and an explosion during clean-up could release radioactive material.

Asked how a treatment facility can be built when it’s unclear what is in the tanks, Busche says, “I think that is the fundamental issue. We don’t understand the chemical reactions, but yet we’re building the plant.”

Similar concerns were raised in a review by the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ investigative agency. It blamed the Department of Energy for building the plant before the design process was complete. As a result, parts of the facility “may not work and may not meet nuclear safety standards,” the report said.
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and on the other side of the planet

and this is WHY it exists at all……



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