HAPPENING NOW: Livestream of Demonstration in Montreal – GASED and Lots of Riot Police – Flash Bomb Just Went Off – *VIDEO*


A link to a livestream of a protest happening right now. Getting very physical.

More eyes helps protect the protestors. Please tune in if you can.

Flash bomb just went off



“People are being arrested for throwing snowballs or for doing nothing. Its very aggressive”
-The reporter on the ground


The demonstrations here are a continuation of the Quebec Student Movt and the “Maple Spring”/”Printemps Erable”. It has a lot of momentum, has had political impacts, and has multiple dimensions.

This demonstration in particular was organized to protest outside a summit meeting and here is a summary of the background and goals stated by some of the organizers:

“6 months ago, we stopped the tuition hike.

Now, we must defend what was won during the strike. The status quo is being threatened by the indexation of tuition fees, a perpetual tuition hike that would affirm the vision of post-secondary education as a marketable product in our society.

We need longer-term thinking. Our vision of education is one of an education that is accessible to all..

.. The Summit is not the place to have the debates that we want. Instead, it is smothering a true reflection on the fundamental role of university.”


A good feed of the events, and reporting that the protest has dispersed.

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Another protest is about to begin (at 2pm EST). I’m headed down there soon so won’t be updating today, but if you are interested please tune in to the livestream (which should begin around 2pm)

For a clip of the reporter that was pepper-sprayed yesterday:
(aggression begins around 18mins in, flash-bomb at 21:20, and the reporter gets pepper-sprayed about ~30min in)

And for clips of another reporter being pushed forcefully:
An article and video in french:
And an english translated version of the violence at the end of the above video here:


And a few other first hand accounts of yesterday’s demo.

Another good livestream – broadcasting now (and more english than cutv).


Montreal student protest results in 8 arrests


Possibility of a second “Maple Spring” ?






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