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Hard working? Lucky? No, billionaires are just smarter than everyone else

Duke University study says 45 per cent of billionaires are in top one per cent for cognitive ability

The success of billionaires may be down to more than just hard work and good luck – they may also be smarter than most, according to a study.

About 45 per cent of billionaires are in the top one per cent for brainpower, says Jonathan Wai of Duke University.

He says that the top one per cent of wealthy people and the top one per cent for brainpower strongly overlap, reports CNBC.

That ranks them as smarter than US senators and federal judges, of whom 41 per cent are in the top one per cent for cognitive ability, and Fortune 500 CEOS at 38.6 per cent.

Only 21 per cent of the US House of Representatives were considered to be that smart.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2308573/Billionaires-simply-smarter-says-study.html#ixzz2QNCB58C3

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