Have any of you looked at your W-2 yet this year?

In box 12 you’ll find a new listing for how much your health insurance costs – both you and your employer.

They are only “keeping track” of this now.

This isn’t taxable income…YET


You can bet your ass it will be soon, though. Why else would they put this on your W-2?

Welcome to the shithole you’ve voted for, America!

Man, they are just ASKING for a revolt, are they not?

W-2 PDF.


Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions


Judge Smails


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  • Anaxamander P. Gormlay

    You don’t have any “health insurance” mate! You have “disease management” insurance. Big Pharma provides you with a costly treatment, rather than the natural low-cost cure. Heck, once you’re cured you’re no longer a customer!

  • Big M

    For starters, a W-2 is nothing but unsigned hearsay, and can’t be used as evidence of anything UNLESS you fill out a 1040 and attach it to the form.

    EVERYBODY in this country who works in the private sector and has a W-4 on file with their payroll department should demand that payroll shred the thing right in front of them. A W-4 is an IRS form that is only for the use of FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, and if you don’t have one on file, the only thing that your company can legally enter in that “wages” box on the W-2 is a big fat ZERO. NOBODY in the private sector is required under any law to have anything withheld from their pay or to enter into any type of withholding agreement, no private sector company is required under any law to act as an unpaid tax collection agent for “government” at any level, and nobody can be required to assess taxes against themselves. And by the way, if a company in the private sector withholds ONE CENT from a worker’s pay without that worker’s written consent, or a court order, that company can and should be sued for embezzlement and breach of fiduciary contract.

    Oh, one more thing. I have no doubt that somebody will mount an ad hominem attack against me, but your earnings from your job in the private sector are NOT income. Income was defined in a 1921 SCOTUS case as gain or profit FROM CORPORATE ACTIVITY. Your earnings are A SOURCE OF INCOME. Read the 16th Amendment carefully. You might also consult the cases of Pollock, Brushaber and Stanton v. Baltic Mining.

  • Big M

    Wow, I actually thought that what I posted here would have elicited some sort of a response by now. Amazing.