“He Didn’t Comply!” New Police Motto COMPLY OR DIE!

“He Didn’t Comply!” New Police Motto COMPLY OR DIE! 

A 95 year old Chicago man dies after police altercation

They must have been in fear for their lives… 


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  • hommedespoir

    Police problem here….obviously a complete lack of the right equipment…
    How can the poor fellas be expected to deal adequately with 95-year-old emergencies using just a few antiquated SUVs?
    Why can’t cops get equipped with decent Armored Cars and BattleTanks…. and SWAT teams with bayonet rifles at the ready?
    What IS the force coming to?
    They were s’posed to be ready in the Last Century….
    Sheesh, do they think Barry’s gonna actually announce Martial Law that’s already here…. or what?

  • pick a name

    Never call the police.

    • Jhimmi the Dhimmi

      Unless you run out of pulled pork at your BBQ party.

  • isnamthere

    LE is the enemy of ALL americans. Keep this in mind. Educate your children. Be alert. Opportunities to correct this will arise.

  • citizen

    Lying suck ass pig. Time for ALL citizens to be armed so we can defend ourselves against these pricks in blue.