Hey guys, I know Africa isn’t really on the map for a lot of people nowadays but I found something interesting concerning the CIA’s activities there.

by Bromaster3000

So if you’ve heard of Liberia, you’ve probably heard of Charles Taylor. He was a bloodthirsty dictator, educated in the U.S., and helped overthrow a guy named William Tolbert the president of Liberia in favor of a relatively benevolent guy named Samuel Doe.

Well, Taylor fell out of favor for stealing money and storing it overseas, fled to the U.S., but was arrested and held for extradition.

Taylor was arrested by U.S. marshals in Somerville, Massachusetts, and he spent sixteen months in jail while his lawyer, Ramsey Clark, fought his extradition.

Here’s where the sketchy part begins. TAYLOR ESCAPED JAIL.

Somehow, through some stroke of “magic”, ended up in Africa, being trained by Gaddafi.

How does a former Liberian government official escape from jail while waiting extradition, and then miraculously end up in Africa learning the art of warfare?

Charles Taylor himself said his escape was facilitated by the CIA.

He told his judges that he did not escape on his own; rather, he said, he was helped by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Soon afterward, he said, a guard, a supervisor, came to tell him he might be freed, but asked if he would be able to leave the United States quickly. “He verified my passport,” Mr. Taylor said.

“One evening about 10, he came and opened my cell, it was during lockdown time,” Mr. Taylor went on. “Then he escorted me from the maximum security side through several gates to the minimum security side.” Two other men were waiting. “We got to the windows,” he said. “These guys took a sheet. We tied it on the bars. We came down and got over the fence.” A car with two men was waiting outside, he went on. “They had instructions to take me as far as New York, where I wanted to go.” His car, he said, was “a kind of secure car, a kind of government car,” he said. The drivers insisted he stay inside, rather than join his wife’s car, to avoid being stopped by state troopers, he continued. “I did not pay any money,” he said. “I did not know the guys who picked me up.”

A little while later he overthrew the Liberian government and began systemic genocide.