Hezbollah Sending 80,000 Troops, Trained by Iran, to Syria

Some 80 thousand military forces trained by Lebanese Hezbollah were preparing to launch a ground offensive to recapture Syria’s commercial city of Aleppo.

According to a report in the UK-based Sunday Times, a Hezbollah commander said the fighters belonging to Syria’s National Defense Force (NDF) have been taught “to fight street by street.”

The fighters were also trained by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the newspaper added.


Aleppo rebels have shot down a military aircraft with a MANPADS over Khan al-Asal:



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    No surprise there that Iran is the key player in propping up Assad considering he has virtually no friends and Iran desperately needs to keep him in power or risk becoming hemmed in on all sides by governments opposed to its brand of Shiite government. Ultimately if Iran is to be pushed out of Syria it will have to be done by a committed international community using all the levers at its disposal to force it out. If Iran’s support is withdrawn, a quick resolution to this civil war is almost assured.