High probability of Le Pen winning: attacked by 25 PseudoNobel economists, including the always wrong Stiglitz.

Taleb is probably one of the smartest person right now. If he says something, then it is most likely true.

France: Youth Backing Le Pen – Nearly 40% of French 18-24 year olds support Le Pen and FN


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AntiFA scum are terrorizing the streets of France in anti-Le Pen riots. French ‘pedes, Le Pen, your country, and our movement need you to push back!

Antifa took to the streets to protest against the candidacy of Marine Le Pen in France on Wednesday.

Demonstrators took on riot police Wednesday in Marseille, France, as they protested against the candidacy of right-wing French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

Just recently, a planned attack on the French Presidential election in Marseille was thwarted by anti-terror agents.


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