High school student, 18, auctions her virginity to pay for sick mother’s medical bills – and bids are reaching $35,000

After a 20-year-old Brazilian auctioned off her virginity three months ago for $780,000, high school student Rebecca Bernardo made the decision she would also offer her deflowering to the highest bidder.

The 18-year-old says she is auctioning off her virginity in an effort to raise money for her ailing mother, who recently suffered a stroke.

After announcing the auction on YouTube, the Sapeacu native, who has so far received three bids, the highest at $35,000, told CNN: ‘I made up my mind right after my 18th birthday. That’s when my mother suffered a stroke.’

Auctioning off her virginity: High-school student Rebecca Bernardo is offering her deflowering to the highest bidder

The teen says she tried other methods of employment, such a working as a waitress, but the cost of paying for a caretaker to look after her bedridden mother proved too high for her hourly wages.

The stroke left her mother unable to fed herself or go to the bathroom alone.

A neighbor explained that Miss Bernardo’s older sister passed away several years ago and she never knew her father.

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