Hillary IS a neocon. If she is elected, the singularity between left and right will have completed

Since at least 2011, Hillary has helped Victoria Nuland up through the ranks, wife of PNAC/Brookings neocon Robert Kagan. Nuland was Principal Deputy National Security Advisor to VP Dick Cheney, and served as Hillary’s State Dept Spokesperson. This is a direct link to a Cheney loyalist and needs little explaining.

Kagan himself, as well as fellow PNAC vet Richard Perle and other neocon titans have openly voiced support for Hillary. She’s a shameless Zionist sock puppet at every opportunity.

With her ascendancy to the throne the hawk/dove dichotomy that once existed between the right and left will have vanished. Endless war will simply be the American Way.

Here they are, folks. The list of mysterious Super Delegates. Did you know Bill Clinton is a superdel? Wonder who he’s pullin’ for? List of Democratic Party Superdelegates, 2016

This list tracks current support for given candidates among the 719 unpledged delegates (commonly known as superdelegates) who will cast a vote at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, to be held July 25–28 in Philadelphia.[1] The 8 unpledged delegates from Democrats Abroad carry half-votes at the convention, yielding a total of 715 votes.[2] Unpledged delegates represent about 15% of the overall convention votes (4,770 delegates, 4,766 votes) and come from several categories of prominent Democratic Party members:

Superdelegates are “unpledged” in the sense that they themselves decide which candidate to support. (In other words, they are not allocated according to voter preferences as the majority of delegates are.) Pledged delegates can change their vote if no candidate is elected on the first ballot and can even vote for a different candidate on the first ballot if they are “released” by the candidate they are pledged to. Superdelegates, on the other hand, can change their vote purely of their own volition. With the exception of the eight DNC members from the Democrats Abroad, who each receive a half-vote, all superdelegates are entitled to one vote (including when a sitting official or distinguished party leader is also a DNC member). Throughout this page, those who qualify under multiple categories are considered as sitting officials first, then as DNC members, and then as DPLs (for example, a sitting senator who is also a DNC member is listed as a senator).

The list below is based on the most recent public indication of support. The listed individuals are free to change their support at any time until they cast their vote at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Was Hillary Caught Colluding With AP To Announce Delegate Win Before California

Conspiracy theory may be about to become conspiracy fact once again as the oddly-timed proclamation by the Associated Press last night that Hillary had secured enough delegates to win the Democratic Party nomination may have been planned days in advance

As we detailed earlier, on a day with no voting, based on AP’s surveys of the un-named anonymous super-delegates, they stated that Hillary had the 2383 delegates to secure the nomination… as Mike Krieger exclaimed,

Last night, the American public witnessed the most egregious example of mainstream media malpractice of my lifetime. By declaring Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee based on the pledges of superdelegates who have not voted, and will not vote until the convention on July 25th, the Associated Press performed a huge disservice to American democracy on the eve of a major primary day, in which voters from the most populous state in the union (amongst others) head to the polls.


If you are a U.S. citizen and you aren’t outraged by this, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

…a day before the California Primary which Hillary was losing in several polls – especially among Indepedents.