Hillary’s in BIG TROUBLE: Michigan Recount! 37% more Votes than VOTERS! Something DOES NOT ADD UP!

BIG TROUBLE for HILLARY: Something Doesn’t Add Up After Michigan Recount! 37% more Votes than VOTERS! voter Fraud in Michigan.
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  1. suezz says:

    do you really think she will get in any trouble. the clintons are untouchable. period end of story

    • TellTheTruth-2 says:

      If they’re untouchable, don’t forget all the HIGH muck-a-mucks in Washington Jack Abramoff brought down. I’ll guarantee the people involved in the Bush/Clinton mess would be a minimum of 10x what Abramoff gave us. They can be brought down; but, it needs someone with “the will” to do it because it will take down both Reps and Dems and it won’t be pretty; but, it would earn the USA the “respect” of the world again.

  2. Sparkplugfuse says:

    It is the election officials who should be in trouble, with a capital “T” for allowing this kind of nonsense to even happen. If you can tie this in with a candidate, this is a bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. gmatch says:

    So what? The ridiculous US voting system which allows you to vote even you are not a registered voter is to blame. To make it clear that would not happen if everybody who is a citizens of the US would carry an ID which states whether she or he is a citizens of USA. Sounds to simple? Can’t have it, because of fear the authorities would know who you are? Hmm, you probably have a smartphone or an Internet connection tapped by NSA.

  4. TellTheTruth-2 says:

    LOCK HER UP … along with Bill and Bush Sr & Jr and Cheney and their neoCON war monger friends too.

    • doodaa says:

      Put Loretta Lynch in there too. They will have plenty time to talk about golf and grandchildren.

      • TellTheTruth-2 says:

        Yes … great idea. Lynch and Comey. FYI, I still think Hillary was sinking so fast Comey opened the Email for her as a diversion from the WikiLeaks about the Clinton “slush fund and money laundering” Foundation. It was a red herring from the start; but, Comey waited a day or two “too late” to CLEAR her again. Plus, after losing Wisconsin and Michigan to Sanders, she didn’t try to win them back.

  5. doodaa says:

    You think that is bad??? Do an audit in California!!

  6. Boink389 says:

    Oh stop it, stop it, stop it with the hyperbolic headlines.
    This is not even scratch compared to her exposing state department secrets+server+email+pay to play+pay for access, +, +, +.

  7. ratnn says:

    Trump and the Republicans need to get a handle on these cheating thieving immoral unhonorable Democrats before next elections !

    • Stop Bush and Clinton says:

      And any Democrats who remain (there must be SOME who aren’t cheating thieving immoral unhonorable) need to get a handle on the Bush wing of the Republican party – it’s time for a major cleanup in both parties.

  8. chris says:

    gee, more killary is in trouble news claims. yet nothing is done! just let us know when she is handcuffed please.

  9. Stop Bush and Clinton says:

    Of course what this actually means is that TRUMP is in big trouble. Next steps:
    1. Hitlery gets a blanket pardon
    2. She goes public and admits she rigged the election not just in Michigan, but in every single state that went to Trump
    3. On January 6th, she (or a proxy) says that, by her own admission, Clinton rigged every state that went to Trump. It doesn’t matter that the fraud didn’t actually throw the results her way. There was fraud, period. Fraudulent results shouldn’t be counted.
    4. Her lackeys decide she’s right and throw out all Trump states
    5. The states in which nobody admitted to rigging the election go to Clinton
    6. All hail Empress Hitlery I, coming to a White House near you on January 20th!

  10. Zone43 says:

    Blacks and illegals vote all day long on election day, They are bussed around the cities by Soros and that’s why the (Democrat) communist Party of America are so ferocious and start screaming whenever the Republicans try to get ID’s for voters. It’s always the big welfare cities black and communist led jew politicians start screaming like banshees. Its time for voter ID’s and a prison sentence if you vote more the once on election day.

  11. Gilfavor says:

    Maybe, , , take another look at the Califorku votes. 2.8 million wouldn’t be hard for them to pull off, considering over 5 mil illegals there. . ..and maybe then, we could put to bed this ‘popular’ vote BS.

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