Hollywood Ending: Big Studios Cutting Losses This Weekend, Pulling Flops From Theaters Earlier Than Usual

It’s a bizarre season in Hollywood. Almost nothing is “working,” and the studios can’t afford to waste any more money hoping things will turn around. They’re pulling flops from theaters earlier than usual.

This weekend, for example, Warner Bros. is putting out a white flag on “Blade Runner” after three tough weeks. They’ve cut the number of theaters showing Denis Villeneuve’s beautiful film by 855. So far, “Blade Runner” has made just $66 million.  Audiences have not clamored to it. And now, week by week, Warners will quietly take it away.

Warner’s isn’t alone. Universal is pulling Tom Cruise’s  “American Made” from 539 locations after a month in release. The Doug Liman directed thriller has made just $43 million. Good reviews haven’t helped push Cruise fans to theaters. One problem was lack of promotion since Cruise wasn’t available. Also, audiences may have just soured on him after “The Mummy” and other flops. With both studios, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

The biggest decease (de-crease, but pun intended here) is for the revived “Flatliners.” With just $16 million in the till, Sony would be better off paying people to see this turkey. They’re retreating from 1,433 theaters this weekend, leaving “Flatliners” to breathe on its own. It will be completely dead by Sunday.


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Box Office: Tyler Perry’s ‘Boo 2!’ Set to Top Sluggish Weekend Ahead of ‘Geostorm’

Tyler Perry’s most recent installment in the “Madea” franchise, “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween,” is likely to dominate one of the most torpid October weekends yet with $21 million at 2,388 North American locations — nearly double the next highest projected intake from “Geostorm.”

“Boo 2,” from Lionsgate, received an A- CinemaScore and should bring in about 30% less than the original “Boo! A Madea Halloween,” which won its opening weekend easily over “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” with $28.5 million and finished with $73 million domestically. The sequel, set at a haunted campground, is directed and written by Perry, who also stars in his ninth iteration as the tough-talking Madea.

“Boo 2” is a fairly low-risk project for Lionsgate, with a combined production and marketing budget in the $20 million range. Lionsgate is likely to dominate the box office next weekend during the pre-Halloween period with the opening of “Jigsaw,” its eighth movie in the “Saw” franchise, and the second weekend of “Boo 2.”

Geostorm,” a weather disaster drama starring Gerard Butler and directed by Dean Devlin, is heading towards a disaster of the fiscal sort for Warner Bros. Though the film is projected to over-perform just barely with a modest $12.5 million at 3,246 venues compared to a projected $10 to 12 million, it’s also carrying an estimated $100 million budget. The film has been released internationally and garnered roughly $7.4 million on Friday, bringing the global cumulative total to $29.8 million in addition to Friday’s domestic $4.3 million.


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10 Responses

  1. evader2014 says:

    Try something different, Hollyweird crap merchants.

  2. starviego says:

    I went to see “Geostorm” and it is pure globalist claptrap. And the special effects look cheap. So Boycott!

  3. Mick McNulty says:

    Hollywood’s done because every original idea has been done. All’s that left now is horror, rom-com, superhero and remakes.

  4. steevin harper says:

    Why doesn’t one of these film studio’s do a remake of ‘They Live’?, the original is almost 30 years old now.

    • John Hankinson says:

      I would be the first in line. The look on Piper’s face when he first puts those glasses on is precious beyond belief.

    • TheJokool . says:

      Money is your god………………Great film…….but no way it can be matched by the tinsel posse today.

    • ScroodeMcDuck says:

      THEY live ( The Hierarchy Enslaving You ) Was not a “blockbuster” then and it would not get support from the studios now either. I would like it to be re-released, no need for a remake !

    • Le Ruse says:

      Humm.. Remake, holohoax flicks ?? Joos will go & spend their money ?? It will go to other joos in joowood .& not goyim ?

  5. Lou says:

    a weather disaster drama starring Gerard Butler and directed by Dean
    Devlin, is heading towards a disaster of the fiscal sort for Warner Bros”

    IMO Geostorm is going bye bye because it is SHOWING where the “strange” California fires may have come from. Did the idiots creating the fires not know Geostorm was to be RELEASED right after the FIRES?

    In any case Geostorm has to be removed from public eyes.


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