Hollywood on the Brink: Sex Scandals, Lies, Money & Fear

There’s certainly no love lost here for shamed film producer Harvey Weinstein or his ilk, and there’s zero excuses for his behavior towards women, colleagues, staff and talent. The recent spate of scandals coming out of Hollywood involving the past sexual assaults and offenses of both high and low-profile executives and creative talent are odd only in the sense of their volume, timing and seemingly coordinated effort. Yet *where* was the weight of such a coordinated national effort – which apparently involves the mainstream media, law enforcement and even government – in years or decades past? Why now?

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In this latest episode of Money and Fear, we’ll look at the public lambasting of the Harveys of the world against Hollywood’s recent and near-historical box office angst, as well as the further digital challenges to film studio business models in general. Tune in, and as Public Enemy proclaimed, “Don’t Believe the Hype” …



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