How Democrats Incite Political Assassinations


This is part of my #bloodontheirhands series of articles.

Political assassinations have proven to be of great benefit to the party that calls for them. In the American scenario not only do the Democrats have a chance to replace any slain Republicans in special elections they also delay any votes and derail the agenda of the opposition. Rand Paul was already confirmed to be in the practice area when the attempted assassination happened. If the Democrat assassin were successful the Republican majority would have dropped to 51-49 making everything that much harder to pass. Details are scarce about who else was there but if by chance two more senators were then the Democrats would have made the Republicans lose their majority pending special elections. Best of all some statements of sympathy afterwards absolves you of all blame.

Now that Democrats have brought political assassinations into American politics it is important for us to understand how they use dog whistles to tell their followers that it is perfectly fine to kill Republicans.

Step 1: Dehumanization

The first step is to use your media mouthpieces and allies to paint Republicans as the enemy of humankind. Take a look at the New York Times, Washington Post, or any other major news outlets. Whenever a Republican does anything it is because they want to destroy humanity, destroy the country as we know it, or slay you personally. There is no nuance or any other motive. Republicans are portrayed as parasites that must be killed if the body is to survive.

My favorite example is Dodd-Frank. According to the propaganda arm of the Democrats the Republicans want it repealed because they are greedy and have been paid for by the giant banks. They do not care whether or not they cause a financial crash. Nothing is mentioned about how at the end of a bill designed to prevent banks from becoming too big to fail giant corporations have somehow increased the market share of these banks from 11% to 43%. Quadrupling their size. No mention of how a bill meant to protect and nurture small banks caused 25% of them to close. Notice that there is no reason given why the bill is good. It is just necessary and the Republicans are evil because they oppose it because the propaganda arm of the Democrats say so.

Once you succeed in portraying Republicans like this then it becomes an act of good that is even heroic for them to be slain.

Step 2: Normalization

The second step is to normalize the portrayal. Every story must be of world shattering importance where the Republicans step up to destroy everything that is good in the world. Experts have warned Democrats of this stance as there would be nowhere to escalate to after. They are of course wrong. These stories do have an escalation and the Democrats have been sending their base dog whistles for someone to step up and do it.

In order for this to be successful it must be a unified effort. When a Democrat or Democrat leaning voter listens to any source he trusts whether it be the media arm, the political arm, or the celebrities in the entertainment arm of the DNC he must hear the same message. Republicans are evil and are coming to destroy you and all you hold dear. They must be destroyed. This reinforces the belief in the mind of the average citizen.

More than the image of the Republicans themselves the reaction to Republicans must be normalized too. Violence against Trump supporters, disruption of their rallies, tear gas employed against their children must be seen to be done over and over again. Celebrities then use their platform to advocate for this violence in the form of “harmless satire”.

At the end of step 2 violent reprisals against Republicans whether through economic, physical, or social means must become the norm.

Step 3: Deification

This is the final step of the creation of the political assassin. The calls and acts of violence against Republicans must not only be normalized but they must be applauded. In this step violence is elevated to be the superior form of retaliation, while other forms while still valid are less worthy of praise. Katie Griffith beheading Trump, plays calling for his violent death, musicians from the entertainment arm calling for his death and the sale of his wife into prostitution and slavery are all met with cheers from the Democrats.

This sends a dog whistle to their base that if they do these things not only do the Democrats approve but they applaud them for it as well. Not everyone will take up the cause of course and it would not be beneficial if everyone did. The Democrats only need to swing a few votes and a successful political assassination would go a long way towards cowing the rest of the Republicans. The majority can show their disdain and preference for violence against Republicans through social media while a chosen few can do the actual deed.

This is how Democrats incite political assassinations. #bloodontheirhands