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The Palaeolithic Raw Food Diet w/ Bruno Comby

Bruno Comby is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, with a postgraduate degree in nuclear physics. He is a well known European environmentalist, the author of eight books on health, energy and the environment, including the best seller ‘Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy’.

His books and his work have been widely presented in over 1500 TV and radio programmes and press articles around the world. He is the scientific director of the Bruno Comby Institute, which promotes non-smoking, better nutrition, and solutions to famine in the Third World.

Bruno Comby created the association Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (EFN) in 1996. It now includes over 5000 citizens, members and supporters of clean nuclear energy in more than 30 countries, and provides information and activities to the public in 10 languages.


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The only problem with a 100% raw diet is that humans guts have already evolved to extract far more from cooked foods than from raw foods.

Cooking a bit of food tenderizes it and breaks down a few of the molecule chains, thus making it more digestible. We actually get more from cooked foods because our bodies put in less energy in the digestion of those raw foods.

Yes the nutritional content of a raw tomato is different from one that is cooked/steamed this is why one should seek to eat both cooked and raw foods in balanced matter.

This also applies to dog, man’s best friend. Prior to the late 1800’s, dogs ate the scraps off of human tables, those scraps were cooked. That coupled with breeding to make specific breeds leads to an animal that can digest and process both raw and cooked foods nearly as readily as a human being (there are the no-no foods that one should give dogs, such as onions, chocolate, process sugars).

I believe the correct ratio of cooked to raw food is 40% cooked, 60% raw… this assumes you are eating things like grains (raw rice is difficult for the body to digest)


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