How to Prepare for the Dollar Collapse with Silver Bullion

by moneymetals

Reader Question: If the U.S. dollar crashes, which forms of silver will be more valuable?

dollar collapse silverIn the event of a currency crisis, all silver ounces should have essentially the same value, regardless of what may be stamped on the item.

Yes, it’s possible that the more common bullion coins, such asEagles, Maples, and Kangaroos will purchase slightly more than a silver round or a bar. But once every citizen in the U.S. realizes they need a tangible and reliable currency, they will scramble for and accept anything silver (or gold) they can get their hands on.

That’s one of many reasons we discourage folks from sinking their money into any so-called “rarities,” collectibles, proofs, or numismatic or semi-numismatic coins.

The percentage premium above the silver melt value tends to fall as the dollar-denominated price rises. We expect the market for bullion to boom as more people flood in looking for anything gold and silver. And the market for luxury goods such as rare coins may suffer. (For more about the pitfalls of “rare coins,” go here.)

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