Huge Fukushima Cover-Up Exposed, Government Scientists In Meltdown

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai 

The great government cover-up of Fukishima

Fukushima radiation just off the North American coast is higher now than it has ever been, and government scientists and mainstream press are scrambling to cover-up and downplay the ever-increasing deadly threat that looms for millions of Americans. 

Following the March 2011 meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, reactors have sprayed immeasurable amounts of radioactive material into the air, most of which settled into the Pacific Ocean. A study by the American Geophysical Union has found that radiation levels from Alaska to California have increased and continue to increase since they were last taken. reports:

The highest levels yet of radiation from the disaster were found in a sample taken 2,500 kilometers (approx. 1,550 miles) west of San Francisco.

“Safe” according to whom?

Lead researcher Ken Buesseler of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution was one of the first people to begin monitoring Fukushima radiation in the Pacific Ocean, with his first samples taken three months after the disaster started. In 2014, he launched a citizen monitoring effort – Our Radioactive Ocean – to help collect more data on ocean-borne radioactivity.

The researchers track Fukushima radiation by focusing on the isotope Cesium-134, which has a half-life of only two years. All Cesium-134 in the ocean likely comes from the Fukushima disaster. In contrast, Cesium-137 – also released in huge quantities from Fukushima – has a half-life of 30 years, and persists in the ocean, not just from Fukushima, but also from nuclear tests conducted as far back as the 1950s.

The most recent study added 110 new Cesium-134 samples to the ongoing studies. These samples were an average of 11 Becquerels per cubic meter of sea water, a level 50 percent higher than other samples taken so far.

Instead of presenting the findings as an alarming sign of growing radiation, however, Buesseler emphasizes that the Cesium-134 levels detected are still 500 times lower than the drinking water limits set by the U.S. government. The news site The Big Wobble questions whether Buesseler and Woods Hole’s heavy financial reliance on the U.S. government – Woods Hole has received nearly $8 million in research funding from several government agencies – plays any role in this emphasis.

Situation still worsening

The reality, however, is that radiation along the West Coast is expected to keep getting worse. According to a 2013 study by the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Norway, the oceanic radiation plume released by Fukushima is likely to hit the North American West Coast in force in 2017, with levels peaking in 2018. Most of the radioactive material from the disaster is likely to stay concentrated on the western coast through at least 2026.

According to professor Michio Aoyama of Japan’s Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radioactivity, the amount of radiation from Fukushima that has now reached North America is probably nearly as much as was spread over Japan during the initial disaster.

The recent Woods Hole study also confirmed that radioactive material is still leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the crippled Fukushima plant. Cesium-134 levels off the Japanese coast are between 10 and 100 times higher than those detected off the coast of California.

Without directly challenging the U.S. government’s “safe” radiation limits, Buesseler obliquely references the fact that any radioactive contamination of the ocean is cause for concern.

“Despite the fact that the levels of contamination off our shores remain well below government-established safety limits for human health or to marine life,” he said, “the changing values underscore the need to more closely monitor contamination levels across the Pacific.”


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  • hvaiallverden

    The difference, and this goes to the rotten bastard pretedning to be an scientist, is the size, the Pasific is WASTLY more water than any lake what so ever combined, the Pasific Ocean is 1/3 of our entire globe, seen from the right angle, and you see just the Pasific ocean from space, thats how BIGG she is.

    And then messuring anything, thrueout the coast line of the imperial banana republc is NOT normal, and then again the fallacy of rad level, the same bollocs served during the melthrus, and the Massive reactore storage fasility nr. 4 and the nr. 3 whom turned into an mushrom cloud of raw weponds grade plutonium, with an halftime aprox messured in MILLIONS of years.

    The lie about rad is the difference from backgroud rad, witch is normal, several ground leaking substances is there, like Radon, but the Cecium is mutch wurse, it replaces natural cecium and goes straight into your cell scructure and bone, and is an trigger from autoimune dissorders.
    The lie is strictly about mechanics, the distance from the source, background and digested, and so on, into you blodstreem and then into the fat (our brain is moustly fat) and tissue, then you have and source direct contact with your cell structure as an time bomb in awaiting.

    And where is the Greenish litle F……
    Do notise how silent it is about Fukushima.
    You where warned, time and time again, and now it have been soon 5 years ago, and I sayed that the NEXT 5 years is when the true scale will start to emerge, the plant leaks,
    And the Japanes Gov. is hiding it as good as they can do, with the help of the MSM.

    But trust me, the horror have just begunn, this is The black sawn I have dredded all my life, not wars nor famines, but this, an hole nuclear plant is gone and the problem isnt solved.
    This, ladys and gentlemen is the barrell of The gunn.
    And Im afrid, nobody does anything. and it will be wurse, the only thing Im an 100% certain, is that everything will be wurse.


  • Taco43

    Everything be be back to normal in a few billion years.

    • Obama_hates_America

      It’s worse than this article states:

      “Finally, the Los Angeles County levels were almost 15 times higher than
      the federal regulatory limit for alpha radiation, which is 21 fCi/m3,
      according to a 2010 document from Idaho National Laboratory.”

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  • Pravda01

    Japan committed a crime against humanity!

    • Roark

      But Tepco was forced on Japan by General Electric. And the earthquake that caused the tsunami was caused by HAARP.

  • c_chandler

    we have a dead ocean underneath in washington and up and down the coast…thats also why so many underwater species are dying or dead in masses.

  • HenryR